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Modified 5-Oct-23
Created 10-Oct-20

Why should I consider Linda Detmayer Photography?
  • Linda is easy-going, accommodating, creative and produces professional quality photos with over 30 years of experience
  • Packages for all budgets
  • Turn-around of proofs usually within 48 hours
  • Good with children of all ages and large groups
  • High school senior portrait sessions will be fun and easy-going, allowing student to reveal unique personality and smile. (Visit Senior Portrait Gallery on website)
  • Top-of-the-line camera equipment
  • 100% success rate at achieving at least one group photo in which every person looks good, eyes open and great smiles. This may be achieved with a combination of photography and editing skills, especially with large groups.
  • Selected photos receive very conscientious, detailed editing with attention given to skin tones and lighting on each person, teeth brightening, stray hairs, blemishes or bruises on face, arms, legs, shadows under eyes, spots, or wrinkles on clothing, etc. Specific edit requests are welcome.

Call/text Linda Detmayer at 216-798-1282 or email [email protected]. Serving Low Country SC and Savannah & Hilton Head areas.
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