Modified 6-Aug-22
Created 3-Aug-22

It was such a pleasure to spend time with you on the beach. I have edited the best of each set. Please let me know if you would like me to do additional editing to any photos.

Please give me your selection of IMG #'s (last 4 digits will do).

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your vacation!

9Z9A4299-29Z9A42999Z9A4300 5x79Z9A4300 8x109Z9A4308 5x79Z9A4308 8x10-29Z9A4308 8x109Z9A4314 Family on beach9Z9A4319 Comp 5x79Z9A4319 Comp9Z9A4323 Comp 5x7 Family on beach9Z9A4323 Comp 8x10 Family on beach9Z9A4329 Family on beach9Z9A4330 Family in water9Z9A4332 Jennifer & hubbie9Z9A4332 Melissa & hubbie9Z9A4335 3 kids9Z9A4337 3 kids in water9Z9A4341 3 kids looking out9Z9A4351