Linda Detmayer Photography | HEAD SHOTS (for yearbook, passport, business)
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Head shots for high school yearbook, passport, social media profile photo or business photo. Detailed editing per your request. Schedule a session - will take approximately 15 minutes. You can view your photos on an iPad and I will take photos until you are pleased with a photo. Call 216-798-1282. Studio in Broadview Hts. Linda
IMG_0003 Casey KeenerIMG_0010 EmployeeIMG_0017 Cheyenne Carney Yearbook Photo - Parma HighIMG_0024 Emily Toth - Normandy Yearbook PhotoIMG_0049 Alex RigotIMG_1685 cropped 4x5IMG_1687 Scott RobertsIMG_2134 CHOSEIMG_2734 Csok-2IMG_4617 Kiley Scalf photo for year bookYear Book Photo IMG_3902 Emily Boyd 3Head Shots cover page