Modified 12-Jan-24
Created 1-Oct-23

Hello Susan and Kylie,
Such a pleasure spending time with you both! These are my faves that I edited so you could get an idea of some final photos. You may download and share anything in this gallery. I will put your unedited photos into a separate gallery. Thank you again for selecting me for such important photos.
Edited 9Z9A8125Edited 9Z9A8127 closeupEdited 9Z9A8127Edited 9Z9A8130Edited 9Z9A8140 -2Edited 9Z9A8140Edited 9Z9A8151-2Edited 9Z9A8151Edited 9Z9A8154Edited 9Z9A8155Edited 9Z9A8163-2Edited 9Z9A8163Edited 9Z9A8168 closeupEdited 9Z9A8170Edited 9Z9A8176Edited 9Z9A8180Edited 9Z9A8184Edited 9Z9A8188Edited 9Z9A8195Edited 9Z9A8199