Modified 25-Nov-21
Created 11-Nov-21

Hello again,
I have edited the photos that you have selected and they are at the beginning of this gallery. Please let me know if you would like any further edits, too light, too dark, etc.
CHOSE IMG_0242 8x10 CropCHOSE IMG_0242CHOSE IMG_0256CHOSE IMG_0261 5x7 cropCHOSE IMG_0261 8x10 cropCHOSE IMG_0262CHOSE IMG_0275CHOSE IMG_0279 5x7 cropCHOSE IMG_0279 8x10 cropCHOSE IMG_0287 5x7 cropCHOSE IMG_0287 8x10 cropCHOSE IMG_0315CHOSE IMG_0326CHOSE IMG_0332CHOSE IMG_0337-2CHOSE IMG_0337CHOSE IMG_0355CHOSE IMG_0362CHOSE IMG_0368 5x7 cropCHOSE IMG_0368 8x10 crop