Modified 25-Nov-21
Created 22-Nov-21

Hello Tara,
I have given your photos lighting and contrast editing. For the photos that you select, I will give detailed editing and you may let me know if there are any specific edits that you want for each IMG.
I will edit the photos of your son tomorrow afternoon and give you the ones that I feel turned out nice.
I hope you are pleased with these.
CHOSE IMG_0531CHOSE IMG_0538 8x10CHOSE IMG_0547CHOSE IMG_0557 8x10CHOSE IMG_0560CHOSE IMG_0568 5x7CHOSE IMG_0568CHOSE IMG_0589 5x7CHOSE IMG_0589 8x10 closeupCHOSE IMG_0589 8x10IMG_0530 5x7IMG_0530 8x10IMG_0531 5x7IMG_0531 8x10IMG_0532IMG_0537IMG_0538 8x10IMG_0538IMG_0539IMG_0540 5x7