Modified 8-Jul-22
Created 4-Jul-22

Hello Elizabeth & Alex,
I have made the requested edits and presented you with all the photos that you have selected. If you need further edits, please don't hesitate to ask. You should be able to download these to your computer. Choose the option to download "original size". Thank you for selecting me to take you special photos! Best to both of you! Linda
CHOSE 9Z9A3573CHOSE-2 9Z9A3574CHOSE 9Z9A3574CHOSE 9Z9A3611CHOSE 9Z9A3621CHOSE 9Z9A3623CHOSE 9Z9A3625CHOSE 9Z9A3634CHOSE 9Z9A3671CHOSE 9Z9A3682 cropped 5x7CHOSE 9Z9A3682 cropped 8x10CHOSE 9Z9A3690CHOSE-1 9Z9A3563EDITED 9Z9A3640EDITED-2 9Z9A3640EDITED-3 9Z9A3640