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Modified 11-Feb-24
Created 10-Oct-20

Newborn Sessions may cost a bit more, as newborn photography has its unique challenges and time factors.

The photos at the end of the gallery are digital compositions. I am able to combine a photo of your baby onto many creative backgrounds. For ideas, visit and search for "Newborn digital backgrounds".
IMG_0350 composite 8x109Z9A6243 EDITED COMPLIMENTARY FOR KIDS9Z9A6219 COMPLIMENTARY FOR KIDS9Z9A3455 8x10IMG_0302 EDITEDSELECTED IMG_1157img_0602 Cole sistersimg_0626 Cole9Z9A6159 SELECTED B&W9Z9A6159 SELECTED PORTRAITEDITED IMG_0179IMG_0047 Mylee Denson 8x10IMG_0336 EDITED B&WIMG_0333 Photog faveIMG_0041 Jackson-Williams, SiblingsIMG_1271-3IMG_0106 EditedIMG_0218 eIMG_0011 EditedIMG_1115 4x6 brother or sister