Linda Detmayer Photography | July 17 Bill & Allison UNEDITED photos
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Modified 20-Jul-18
Created 18-Jul-18

Bill & Allison,

These are all unedited. I did pull out some and edited them. They would be in the other gallery of edited photos. You may "Share" the link to the edited photos gallery.

Let me know which photos you would like me to edit. I do hope you like your selections.

A IMG_9097 Edited 5x7A IMG_9097 Edited 8x10A IMG_9115 Edited 5x7A IMG_9115 Edited 8x10A IMG_9137 Edited 5x7A IMG_9137 Edited 8x10A IMG_9140 Edited 5x7A IMG_9140 Edited 8x10A IMG_9149 Edited 5x7A IMG_9150 Edited 5x7 B&WA IMG_9150 Edited 5x7A IMG_9186 Edited 5x7A IMG_9186 Edited 8x10 B&WA IMG_9186 Edited 8x10A  field of red flowersA hanging pearl basketIMG_9067 Edited 8x10 closeup & B&WIMG_9067 Edited 8x10 closeupIMG_9067 Edited 8x10IMG_9071 Edited 8x10