Modified 12-Aug-21
Created 6-Aug-21

Hello Angela and Isabella,

These were some of my favorites (quickly selected). I have fully edited these. I will keep these in a separate gallery from your unedited photos as there is no password and you are able to "share" with anyone by clicking on share. I hope that you are happy with these. If you select any of these and would like additional edits, please let me know. Linda
EDITED IMG_0609 Isabella 2EDITED IMG_0609 IsabellaEDITED IMG_0607 Isabella-2EDITED IMG_0607 IsabellaEDITED IMG_0544 closeupEDITED IMG_0544EDITED IMG_0537EDITED IMG_0529 closeupEDITED IMG_0529EDITED IMG_0518 CloseupEDITED IMG_0518EDITED IMG_0512EDITED IMG_0500EDITED IMG_0498EDITED IMG_0495EDITED IMG_0491 closeup 5x7EDITED IMG_0491 closeupEDITED IMG_0491EDITED IMG_0482EDITED IMG_0468