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Heather & Doug,
This was my selection and they have received an initial edit. Please let me know of any detail that you would like me to re-edit such as skin tone, lightness of skin, etc.

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Congratulations again on this perfect little boy.

IMG_1971 Jude on moon 5x7IMG_1971 Jude on moon 8x10-2IMG_1971 Jude on moonIMG_1973 Jude 5x7IMG_1973 Jude 8x10-2IMG_1973 Jude 8x10IMG_1990 Jude-2IMG_1993 Jude 5x7IMG_1993 Jude 8x10IMG_2001 JudeIMG_2004 JudeIMG_2007 JudeIMG_2019 JudeIMG_2027 Jude 5x7IMG_2027 Jude 8x10IMG_2037 Jude 8x10 b&w & blueIMG_2037 Jude 8x10 b&wIMG_2037 Jude 8x10IMG_2039 JudeIMG_2046 Jude 5x7