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Jodi - These are photos that I chose to edit. I have them separate from the unedited photos in your other gallery so that you can 'share' these, download or do whatever you want with these. Feel free to ask for edits on these as well as the ones you choose from the other gallery. She is beautiful!!!! Linda
IMG_2128 Jodi 5x7IMG_2128 Jodi 8x10IMG_2128 Jodi closeup 5x7IMG_2156 Jody 8x10IMG_2158 Jodi 5x7-2IMG_2158 Jodi 5x7-3IMG_2158 Jodi 5x7-4IMG_2158 Jodi 5x7IMG_2158 Jodi 8x10IMG_2158 JodiIMG_2160 WestinIMG_2162 Westin & DadIMG_2168 Westin & DadIMG_2168 Westin B&WIMG_2168 WestinIMG_2169 Westin & DadIMG_2169 Westin 5x7 B&WIMG_2169 Westin 8x10IMG_2193 Jodi 5x7IMG_2204 Jodi 5x7