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Megan, It was a pleasure to see you again and meet your son. I have edited two photos to give you an idea of the final edited photos. Please email me with the IMG # and the sizes of each that you wish to order to coincide with the package that you select. Any other product (not listed in pkg) is available as well. Please let me know of any edits you would like to the photos beyond my standard edits. You will be able to see the edited photos for a final review.

Thank you again for selecting me for such important photos!

Feel free to "Share" after your gallery has been edited. Linda
IMG_0007 CHOSE 5X7 TillmanIMG_0007 CHOSE 8x10  TillmanIMG_0012 CHOSE 5x7 TillmanIMG_0014 CHOSE 8X10 TillmanIMG_0016 CHOSE 5x7 TillmanIMG_0016 CHOSE 8x10 TillmanIMG_0018 CHOSE 5x7 TillmanIMG_0020 Tillman CHOSE 11x14 or 13x10IMG_0021 CHOSE 8x10 TillmanIMG_0026 Tillman CHOSE 5X7IMG_0027 Tillman CHOSE 5X7IMG_0030 Tillman CHOSE 5X7IMG_0030 Tillman CHOSE 8X10