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Included in your gallery are the best of what we took. These have received no edits, except for the first 3 photos to give you a preview of how they would look. I will edit those that you select and put the edited version back online for your review.

Thank you! Linda
IMG_0069_1 EDITEDIMG_0013 EDITEDIMG_0046_1 EDITEDIMG_0056 EDITEDIMG_0079 EDITEDIMG_0079-2 EDITEDIMG_0005_2IMG_0006_2IMG_0007_2IMG_0009_2IMG_0010_2IMG_0011_2IMG_0012_2IMG_0013_2IMG_0018_2IMG_0019_2IMG_0020_2IMG_0026_2IMG_0033IMG_0042_2