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Nate and Melissa,

The photos in this gallery have been edited. You may download these to your computer, "Share" or do as you please. If you need a particular special photo edited, please let me know (such as first dance, cutting the cake, etc.) Linda
C IMG_3894 ReceptionC IMG_3896 ReceptionC IMG_3897 ReceptionC IMG_3898 ReceptionC IMG_3902 ReceptionC IMG_3903 ReceptionC IMG_3904 ReceptionC IMG_3905 ReceptionC IMG_3906 ReceptionC IMG_3908 ReceptionC IMG_3912 ReceptionC IMG_3916 ReceptionC IMG_3917 ReceptionC IMG_3918 ReceptionC IMG_3919 ReceptionC IMG_3924 ReceptionC IMG_3925 ReceptionC IMG_3928 ReceptionC IMG_3930 ReceptionC IMG_3933 Reception