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These photos have not been edited or cropped. I will edit and crop the photos that you select. Please give me the IMG #, cropping sizes, if you would like closeup, B&W, etc.

I have edited a few photos so you can view some finished photos.

It was a pleasure to meet you and your family. You are a beautiful girl. I wish you the best after graduation!

Hope to see you again someday. (Feel free to share these with your friends.)

Photographers Choice IMG_0170CHOSE 2 WALLETS portrait closeup IMG_0155CHOSE 2 WALLETS IMG_0155CHOSE 2 WALLETS portrait IMG_0155CHOSE 2 WALLETS IMG_0212CLOSEUP IMG_0195CHOSE 4-5X7S IMG_0195CHOSE 8X10 CLOSEUP IMG_0139CHOSE 2-8X10 IMG_0139CHOSE 2-5X7s IMG_0139CHOSE 1-5X7 MG_0157CHOSE 1-8X10 IMG_0199CHOSE 1-5X7 IMG_0199CHOSE 1-5X7 IMG_0146A IMG_0117 EDITEDA IMG_0102 EDITEDA IMG_0124 EDITEDA IMG_0135 EDITEDA IMG_0168 EDITEDA IMG_0134 EDITED