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Hi Audrey, I just selected a few to edit so you can see how they look after editing. I will put your other photos in another gallery with password. Hope you like these but feel free to ask for edits. You may download your photos. Was so nice to see you, as always. Love you!
IMG_0073 Audrey 2017 CHOSEIMG_0072 Audrey 2017 CHOSE-2IMG_0069 Audrey 2017 CHOSEIMG_0073 Audrey 2017 CHOSE-2IMG_0072 Audrey 2017 CHOSEIMG_0007 Audrey 2017 CHOSEIMG_0010 Audrey 2017 CHOSEIMG_0054 Audrey 2017 CHOSEIMG_0037 Audrey 2017 CHOSEIMG_0034 Audrey 2017 CHOSEIMG_0042 Audrey 2017 CHOSEIMG_0085 Audrey 2017IMG_0025 Audrey 2017IMG_0070 Audrey 2017IMG_0045 Audrey 2017IMG_0057 Audrey 2017IMG_0019 Audrey 2017IMG_0044 Audrey 2017IMG_0044 Audrey 2017 closeup b&wIMG_0044 Audrey 2017 closeup