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Dana and Josh,
It was a pleasure to see you and your beautiful girls! Some photos received more detailed editing than others. If you need further edits to any photos (that you may want to frame, etc.) please let me know. Feel free to "Share" a photo or the entire gallery with anyone. Anyone can download the photos to their computers and do as they wish with them. If any of my edits look unnatural, please let me know.

If you would like to leave a "Comment" on my website home page, Facebook photography page, Google, or any social media, it would be much appreciated!
Happy New Year to all of you! Linda
IMG_001 Lucy & TaylorIMG_0006 LucyIMG_0006 Taylor & Lucy a bit softerIMG_0006 Taylor & LucyIMG_0006 TaylorIMG_0011 Algeri T&LIMG_0016 LucyIMG_0022 Lucy & TaylorIMG_0023 5x7IMG_0023 8x10IMG_0027 Lucy & TaylorIMG_0029 Lucy & TaylorIMG_0030 Lucy & TaylorIMG_0031 5x7IMG_0031 8x10IMG_0032 Lucy - my faveIMG_0033 Lucy & TaylorIMG_0034 Lucy & TaylorIMG_0048 TaylorIMG_0050 Taylor