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2016 Biel Family Holiday Photos
Hello Biel Family,
Doesn't time fly? I was notified that some of you may not have seen the photos from last year. The agreement was that you could download the digitals to your computer to do as you wish. You may upload them to website like and order whatever you would like. Happy Holidays 2017! Linda
IMG_1381IMG_1382IMG_1398 5x7IMG_1398 8x10IMG_1404 5x7IMG_1404 8x10IMG_1406 5x7IMG_1406IMG_1411IMG_1424 5x7IMG_1427 5x7IMG_1440IMG_1451 5x7IMG_1451 8x10IMG_1458 5x7IMG_1458 8x10IMG_1462 cropped 5x7IMG_1462 cropped 8x10IMG_1467 5x7IMG_1467 8x10 with vignette