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I placed the edited photos into this separate "Edited" gallery. This way, you can share the gallery with anyone that you want and to Facebook, too.

I chose these as my faves from a "creative" perspective for my Senior Portraits Gallery. But I also love her in these photos, as well. I had a hard time choosing because her smile is perfect in all of them!

IMG_3030 Photographers Choice L DormanIMG_3057 CHOSE L DormanIMG_3005 CHOSE L Dorman & PuppyIMG_3012 CHOSE L DormanIMG_2960 CHOSE L Dorman C-UpIMG_2960 CHOSE L DormanIMG_2918 CHOSE L DormanIMG_2963 CHOSE L DormanIMG_2945 CHOSE L DormanIMG_2946 CHOSE L DormanIMG_2957 CHOSE L DormanIMG_2890 CHOSE L DormanIMG_2967 CHOSE Closeup L DormanIMG_2967 CHOSE L DormanIMG_3070 CHOSE L DormanIMG_3055 CHOSE L DormanIMG_3053 CHOSE L DormanIMG_3044 CHOSE L DormanIMG_3040 CHOSE L DormanIMG_3037 CHOSE L Dorman

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