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It was such a pleasure to meet you and your mother. Feel free to share this gallery with your friends in any of the various ways (Facebook, Email, etc.) I hope you like your photos! These were my favorites at a glance. I will put the other photos (Unedited) in a separate gallery with a password. Thank you for selecting me to take these special photos! Linda
IMG_3265 Emily CHOSE 6 wallet sheetsIMG_3249 Emily CHOSE 6 wallet sheetsIMG_3242 Emily CHOSE 6 wallet sheetsIMG_3235 Emily CHOSE 1-5x7IMG_3204 Emily CHOSE 1-5X7Edited IMG_3250 Emily CHOSE 6 Wallet SheetsEdited IMG_3259 Emily CHOSE 1-5X7 & 6 Wallet ShtsIMG_3173 Emily CHOSE 1-5X7Edited IMG_3161 Emily CHOSE 12 X 18 OR 12 X 16IMG_3168 Emily CHOSE 1-5x7 & 6 wallet sheetsEdited IMG_3248 EmilyEdited IMG_3161 EmilyEdited IMG_3270 EmilyEdited IMG_3268 EmilyEdited IMG_3259 EmilyEdited IMG_3241 EmilyEdited IMG_3233 EmilyEdited IMG_3220 EmilyEdited IMG_3203 EmilyEdited IMG_3207 Emily