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Cheryl and Allison,

The photos you "Chose" have been edited and placed in this gallery. Please let me know if you would like me to edit anything or redo anything. Keep in mind you can crop in as a head shot or 3/4 body. Hope you like! Linda
CHOSE IMG_0021 outside_pCHOSE IMG_0021 outside_p_closeupCHOSE IMG_0021 outside_p_head shotCHOSE IMG_0023 outside_pCHOSE IMG_0078 closeup 5x7CHOSE IMG_0078 closeup 8x10CHOSE IMG_0078 in studio_pCHOSE IMG_0086 in studio_pEDITED IMG_0039 outsideEDITED IMG_0039-2 outsideEdited IMG_0040 outsideEdited IMG_0040-2 outsideEdited IMG_0059-2Edited IMG_0059-3Edited IMG_0059IMG_0032 in studio Selected_pIMG_0040 in studio Selected_pIMG_0090 Allison & Chloe BFs