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Mike & Jenna,
The posed photos of you two as a couple did not receive a final edit. Since I've given you so many to choose from, I will do the detailed editing after you choose your favorites.

I want every family member to feel free to contact me with any questions regarding their photos. Call 216-798-1282 or email me at I will do whatever I can to ensure everyone is happy.

It was a pleasure to spend the day with both families.

IMG_3282 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3283 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3285 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3286 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3288 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3292 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3294 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3295 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3299 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3301 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3302 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3305 Pre-Wedding First LookIMG_3309 Pre-Wedding BellaIMG_3312 Pre-Wedding Bella closeupIMG_3312 Pre-Wedding BellaIMG_3314 Pre-Wedding Jenna & JulieIMG_3315 Pre-Wedding Jenna & JulieIMG_3316 Pre-Wedding Jenna & JulieIMG_3317 Pre-Wedding Jenna & DadIMG_3318 Pre-Wedding Jenna & Dad

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