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Bradley & Suzanne,
You will notice that some photos received edits while some did not because I have no idea which ones you will select. Please let me know what edits you would like to the photos that you select such as cropping size, etc.

Let me know of any edits you would like if you select any that have received a first edit, as well. Due to it being dark, there is red eye in some photos due to the flash. I will fix that in the photos that you select. Also, let me know if you need me to change skin tones .... anything!
Thank you. Linda
CHOSE IMG_0010 5x7CHOSE IMG_0010 8x10CHOSE IMG_0024 5x7 landscapeCHOSE IMG_0024 5x7CHOSE IMG_0024 8x10 landscapeCHOSE IMG_0024 8x10CHOSE IMG_0024 not croppedCHOSE IMG_0069 5x7CHOSE IMG_0069 8x10CHOSE IMG_0069 not croppedCHOSE IMG_0098 5x7CHOSE IMG_0098 8x10CHOSE IMG_0098 not cropped